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M Class

Above: MG194 in the original version of the Expressway livery. (Shane Conway)

Between 1971 and 1974 CIÉ introduced 213 Leyland Leopard PSU5/4Rs. They were used on Expressway services until the the late 80s and early 90s then were downgraded onto rural services and most onto school services but all were withdrawn from service in 1997. Many problems arose in the early days and cost CIÉ a lot to fix including re-engining them with DAF and GM engines, replacing rear axles, springs. They were reclassified when re-engined DAF (MD Class) and GM (MG Class). When put on school services they got an S added on to the fleet no. i.e. MG185 became MGS185. The ones left on school services were withdrawn during the Summer of 2001.

Below: M159 in a later version of the Expressway livery. (Shane Conway)