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P Class

Above: P164 which was converted to a tow truck seen here in Dromod at the Cavan & Leitrim Railway on Friday 3 August 2001.

In 1948 CIÉ acquired 40 Leyland Tiger OPS3 chassis and bodied them. These were numbered P1-40 and operated on tours work. Between 1948 and 1950 130 more were introduced but not for tours and were numbered P31-160. In 1950 10 more Tiger OPS3s were introduced with coach bodies and were numbered P161-170. Also in 1951 P171-215 were introduced on rural routes.

However In 1951 and 1952 CIÉ introduced 55 Leyland Tiger OPS3s for use on Dublin City Service and were numbered P216-270. All P buses had a sliding front door, the coaches had a hinged door at the front. P1-30 were half-cab rear-entrance single-deckers, however a batch of P Class Tigers (P216-270) were half-cab rear-entrance single deckers but had jacknife doors at the rear-entrance.

20 more P Class Tigers were introduced in 1952, numbered P271-290, for use on tours. The final batch came in 1953 when 71 Leyland Tiger PS2s were introduced on rural routes and numbered P291-361.

All of the P Class were withdrawn in the 1960s and some of their units and running gear were used in 26 new double-decker buses see R900 Class .

P 347 has been preserved by the Transport Museum Society of Ireland at either Howth or Castleruddery. P220 and 284 are also privately preserved.