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AR Class



Above: AR306 seen in CIÉ blue & cream livery of the 1960s. (Photobus)

In 1946 and 1947 CIÉ imported 11 AEC Regent II/IIIs in knock down condition. They were asembled at Broadstone and bodied at Spa Road. They were withdrawn in the early 1960s.

Also between 1946 and 1953 the GNR(I) built up a fleet of AEC RegentII/III/IVs. When the GNRB( The GNR(I) was restructered and a board of directors put together by the Dublin and Stormont governments to keep the company running and called the GNRB) was dissolved in 1958 half of this fleet passed to the UTA and the other to CIÉ. CIÉ then reclassified the GNR(I) class of AEC Regents and they were numbered AR285-307, AR433-442.

I do not know when they were withdrawn however AR 438 has been repainted in its original GNR(I) livery and been preserved by the Transport Museum Society of Ireland in Howth.