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Farewell To The Routemaster, Part 1

Friday 9th December 2005 saw the end of everyday Routemaster operation on route 159 from Marble Arch to Streatham and indeed in London in general. Buses in Ireland took a trip over for the event and also to sample the current London bus scene.

Each page contains many shots and make a while to download depending on your connection speed.

Thursday 8th December 2005

Above: RML2665 is seen at Marble Arch operating one of the many enthusiast specials that were to be seen on the 159 on the Thursday.

Below: TNA32945, an ALX400 bodied Dennis Trident, heads by Marble Arch for East Acton

Above: RML2636 departs Marble Arch on the long trek to Streatham Station

Below: RM29, the oldest RM in regular serivce that day, heads east along Oxford St on the way to Streatham

Below: Another of the enthusiast specials, RT3062 nears the end of its journey along Oxford St

Below: VP566 heads East along Oxford St on its way to Tottenham Court Road Station

Below: RML2572 heads for Streatham along Oxford St

Below: RTW75 had become quite a regualr at these last running days. Here it is seen crossing Piccadilly Circus on its way to Marble Arch

Below: TA24 lays over on Regent St

Above: VLY601, an open top Ayats Bravo, operates route T3 of the Original London Sightseeing Tour along Regent St

Below: RT1431 takes a quick break on Regent St

Above: RML2573 proceeds up Regent St heading for Piccadilly Circus

Below: RML2405 of Ensignbus was another of the Specials. Seen here on Streatham High Road, just across from Streatham Station

Below: RML2727 heads down Streatham High Road passing by RML2405

Below: RML2364 heads towards Brixton along Streatham High Road

Below: RML2586 takes the turn out from the 159s turning point beside what was Streatham Garage

Below: RML2752 unloads on Streatham High Road after the long trek out from Marble Arch

Below: DP18 lays over at the old Streatham Garage. Also the lay over area for routes 60 and 159

Above: L520, a driver trainer Leyland Olympian of Arriva, heads south down Streatham high Road

Below: RT3177 operates yet another of the specials along Streatham High Road

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