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RA 325/RA 176

Above: RA325, one of Summerhill two RAs the other being RA242, coming around into College Street from D'Olier Street on 29 May 2003 operating an inbound journey on route 13 from Poppintree. Donnybrook's RA176 can be seen in the right background on route 13B.

A little history. The old route 13 used to operatre from St.Pappin's Road in Glasnevin to Beechwood in Ranelagh but was extended to Poppintree beside Ballymun in the 1984 with route 11 extended from Home Farm Road to serve St.Pappin's Road instead. Upon withdrawl of route 12 from Cabra to Palmerston Park in 80s or 90s the 13 was extended from Beechwood to serve Palmerston Park. The 13 was then cut back to operate from Merrion Square to Poppintree around 1997 and the 13B commenced operating over the southern half to Palmerston Park.

Below: RA176 operating route 13B