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Pimp My Radio

Independent national broadcaster Today FM recently launched a big advertising campaign. Among the many bus shelter, side ads on buses and all over ad vans is 3 All Over Ad buses emblazened with the slogan "Pimp My Radio".


Above: Donnybrook's RV328 is suitably "modded" up  with "go faster" flames like those seen on many modded cars, in Townsend St on route 48A to Ballinteer on 25 April 2005.

Below: Phibsboro's RV615 is similarly treated. Seen crossing O'Connell Bridge on 25 April 2005.

Below: Donnybrook's WV10 is the only single decker so treated. It is seen turning from Pottery Road into Johnstown Road heading for Dun Laoghaire on route 59 on 25 April 2005