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MV Ramble

With the withdrawl of the remaining MV class minbuses in Phibsboro likely to happen in the next few weeks. Buses In Ireland decided to check out some routes still operated by the class.

Above: MV68 is seen in Kildare Street on 29 May 2004 waiting to operate over to Dunard on route 172. Route 172 was converted to double-deck operation the week before and its routing altered. But this decision was reversed within a matter of days and it is now back to its normal routing and minbus operated.

Below: MV68 at the Dunard terminus of the 172 on 29 May 2004

Above: Another route still operated by the MV class is route 239 running between Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and Liffey Valley Shopping centre taking in the many housing estates aroun Lucan and Blanchardstown on its way. MV62 is seen at the Liffey Valley terminus on 29 May 2004

Finally: MV68 once again this time on O'Connell Street on 29 May 2004

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