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LUAS Line A Launch

Tuesday 28 September 2004 saw the official launch of LUAS line A from Connolly Station to Tallaght. Buses In Ireland was there to get some photos of the day. The photos of the day are below, this page contains 13 large photos and make take some time to download depending on your connection speed

Above: Tram 3010 is seen approaching the Jervis stop in the rain on its way to Connolly shortly before 12.30pm

Below: Tram 3003 rounds Bus Áras en route to Tallaght and passes by a Scania coach of Malahide Coaches in the process

Above: Tram 3010 again this time at Bus Áras on its return journey to Tallaght

Below: Tram 3012 crosses Amiens St into the specially reserved section for LUAS outside Connolly Station

Below: Tram 3016 departs Connolly heading for Tallaght

Above: Tram 3004 with an overall view of the canopy at Connolly

Below: Tram 3011 at Connolly

Below: Tram 3026 in Connolly

Below: Tram 3026 at the other end of the line in Tallaght in the headshunt

Above: Tram 3026 on the left and tram 3020 on the right in Tallaght

Below: Tram 3018 at Heuston Station

Below: Tram 3015 at Heuston Station

Finally: Tram 3026 yet again, this time on another journey back out to Tallaght seen at Heuston Station

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