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LUAS Line B Launch

Wednesday 30 June 2004 and at last Dublin's LUAS light rail system was officially launched with Line B from Sandyford to St. Stephen's Green opening to the public. Thousands of people turned out to sample to the new service with Thursday morning's (1 July) Irish Times quoting that 30,000 people tried to the new service on it's first day. Buses In Ireland sampled the new service and was greatly impressed despite the little hiccup of door problems. The photos of the day are below, this page contains 9 large photos and make take some time to download depending on your connection speed

Above: I joined tram 4012 at Kilmacud shortly before 14.45. This one was the tram that was reported in all newspapers as the one which the doors jammed on. The doors opened and closed repeatedly. They closed again and the engine turned off, with lights and air conditioning going off. After a few minutes the engine re-started, the doors opened and we were asked to disembark. Two trams were waiting behind and I boarded tram 4011 directly behind and continued into town.

Below: Tram 4011 on the left which I travelled in on and 4008 at Stephen's Green

Above: Tram 4011 and 4008 at the Green

Below: I decided to stay at Stephen's Green and observe the operation going on rather than queing again, as the queue to board strectched from the stop around the Green as far as Kildare St for most of the day. Tram 4004 is seen arriving at Stephen's Green with tram 4003 beside it

Below: The National Transport Museum in Howth even brought down one of their old Dublin United Tramways Company trams, no.224. It is seen here at the end of the line in Stephen's Green

Above: Tram 4014 loading up at Stephen's Green

Below: Tram 4002 in Stephen's Green

Below: Tram 4003 uses one of the crossovers as it approaches the stop on Stephen's Green West

Finally: Tram 4008 leaves Stephen's Green and uses the other crossover to get onto the correct track and supposedly going where no tram on Line B goes, Connolly Station

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