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A London Adventure, Part 1

The weekend of the 24/25 July 2004 saw the 50th anniversary celebrations of London's AEC Routemaster take place in Finsbury Park, North London. Buses In Ireland travelled over for the event and I also took the time to sample the London bus scene in general. These next few pages of pictures are just some of what I took.

Each page contains many shots and make a while to download depending on your connection speed.

Saturday 24 July 2004

Above: The first photo of the weekend that I took was MAL37, a Mercedes Benz Citaro artic, operated by London Central from it's New Cross Depot. It's seen on Vauxhall Bridge Road. These buses have in many cases replaced Routemaster operated routes so there is a sense of irony in it being my first picture and I came over for the Routemaster 50 event.

Below: RML2577 just outside Finsbury Park Rail Station operating route 19 from Battersea Bridge. RML2577 was new to London Transport in Sept. 1966, it is now in service with Arriva South from their Battersea depot

Above: RML2523 of Arriva South on Stroud Green Road. It was new to London Transport in June 1966.

Below: The first bus I came across at the Routemaster 50 Event was RM1368. It was converted to it's current state following an arson attack in December 1973 which destroyed the upper deck. It was sold for preservation in 1997.

Below: RML3 was the last of the four prototype Routemaster's entering service in 1958. Unlike RM1 and RM2 which were built by AEC, RML3 was built by Weymann with Leyland running gear. It was sold for preservation in 1974 and the original front which it now carries was only put back recently

Below: RM6 now owned by Arriva South and painted in this splendid gold livery which was originally painted on for Queen Elizabeth II's golden jubilee in 2002 but the livery has been retained and adapted for Routemaster 50. It was the first production Routemaster to be owned by London Transport entering service in November 1959.

Below: RCL2223 entered service with London Transport in xxxxxx. It was subsequently converted to a hospitality vehicle in 1984 and have passed on to many owners before being accquired by BAA, the British Airports Authority, in 2002 as an exhibition bus for the new Terminal 5 project at London Heathrow.

Below: RM2116 entered service in 1965 from Bow Garage. It was withdrawn in 1984 and accquired for preservation in 1987

Below: RM8 was the first production Routemaster to be built and exhibited at the 1958 Commercial Motor Show on the AEC stand. It was used as an experimental vehicle at LT's Chiswick works until 1961 and finally entered service in March 1976. It was withdrawn in March 1985 and accquired for preservation after only 9 years in service

Below: RML2760, numerically the last Routemaster, is now no longer in regular service but reatined as a working show bus by Stagecoach London. It and RML903 are the only two Routemaster that were not overhauled in the 1990s and retain their AEC engines

Below: RM7 looking not so good in 1970s style LT livery.

Above: RM2213 was withdrawn in 1994 and placed into the reserve fleet before passing to a Scottish hotelier and eventually going into preservation in 2002

Below: RM5, numerically the first production Routemaster. It entered service in June 1959. It is the only standard Routemaster still in service with an AEC engine and operates Route 73 from Tottenham Garage

Above: RM1000 entered service in March 1962 from West Ham Garage. It was the first Routemaster not to have "LT" in the registration number and the first Routemaster to have the number before the letters in it's registration

Above: RMC1513 one of the numerous Routemaster coaches

Below: 859UXC, I can't find it's fleet number anywhere, in all over livery as the Knight Bus from the new Harry Potter Movie. It represents the "triple-deck" bus used in the movie

Above: RM737 was accquired in April 1983 for preservation and thus becomming the first standard Routemaster to pass into preservation

Below: RM349 entered service from Sheperd's Bush Garage in July 1960 and was sold for preservation in 1987. It carries an open roundel containing the London Transport fleet name of which only 100 Routemasters carried.

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