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LUAS Line A Test Run

Sunday 20 June 2004 Buses In Ireland was on hand to witness the first LUAS test run along Line A from Lower Abbey Street to Connolly Station. The article is split into 2 pages due to the number of photos. This page contains 13 large photos and make take some time to download depending on your connection speed

Above: I came across the first tram, no. 3019, at the Smithfield stop outside the Family Law Courts

Below: The second tram at the Smithfield stop (I forgot to note the number of this tram)

Above: Tram 3019 passes the Smithfield Fruit Market

Below: Tram 3019 in Middle Abbey St

Below: Tram 3019 crosses O'Connell St

Above: Tram 3019 at the Abbey Stop on Lower Abbey St

Below: Tram 3019 tests the crossover outside the Abbey Theatre

Below: Tram 3019 goes back in the Abbey Stop on the other track

Above: The other tram follwed about 5 mins behind from Smithfield to Abbey St. Here it is just coming into the Abbey Stop

Below: The two trams at the Abbey Stop with 3019 on the right

Above: The two trams pause outside the Abbey Theatre with 3019 on the left

Below: Tram 3019 progresses onto Beresford Place

Below: Tram 3019 pauses under the Loop Line railway bridge which links Pearse, Tara St. and Connolly Rail Stations

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