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ITT Rally 2003, Cultra

Saturday 26 April 2003 and once again it was the day of the Irish Transport Trust rally in Cultra, Co.Down at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, this year being the 31st year the rally has been held.

The day started out with yours truly being in Dublin at 6:30 in the morning. And below my first pic of the day was Donnybrook's AD42 on Eden Quay just after pulling in to the stop and preparing to operate the first journey of the day.

At about 6:45 The familiar sound of the Leyland O600 engine could be heard as preserved Leyland Leopard C176, in CIÉ yellow and white schools livery, pulled up outside Clery's:

C176 departed at 7am with some passengers and headed for Drogheda and on to Cultra. Meanwhile time passed and shortly after 7:30 the sound of a GM engine filled the air as preserved Bombardier coach KE35 pulled up at Clery's:

And just before 8am preserved GAC citybus KC104 pulled in in front of KE35:

Shortly after 8am the two buses pulled out and headed for Drogheda. On arrival at Drogheda the two buses were joined by a Bus Eireann GAC rural bus, KR222:

We departed Drogheda and headed north, arriving in Cultra after 12:30. Bombardier double-decker KD199 arrived shortly after we did:

Taking a walk round the rally, many buses were to be seen such as this Wrights Gemini bodied Volvo for Arriva London, fleet number VLW170:

Beside VLW170 was a left hand drive Wrights bodied DAF for Arriva Holland, fleet number 6214:

Also to be seen was one of Aircoach's new Setra's, 03D31562:

Seen below is one of the two red LT Routemaster's at the rally, RM654. Aircoach also had their open-toped Routemaster RM753, repainted into the blue livery of Aircoach there. Pic of RM753 below RM654

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