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To The Ends of the Network, Part 1

An idea came to me a while back for a photo feature, travel to termini on the edges of the Dublin Bus network. I started it in Easter 2004 but only recently managed to finish it for various reasons. While not every route is covered, the majority are. Routes featured are done in numerical order.

Each page contains many shots and make a while to download depending on your connection speed.

Above: Quite apt for this photo Donnybrook's VL1, a Volvo B6B with Alexander bodywork, at the terminus of the route 1 at Poolbeg Power Station in Ringsend on 13 April 2004. Despite being only 2-3 miles east of O'Connell Bridge the area is quite remote. The bus is facing towards town for the return journey out to Larkhill for which the driver displayed route 3. The bus turns in the distance up the road round the corner.

Above: Summerhill's AV266 loads up at the Balbriggan terminus of route 33/33A on 23 March 2005. Apologies for the telephone pole in the way but the bus literally pulled in at the stop, loaded up and went. So it was the best I could get in the time the bus was there without missing getting on it and because he pulled in so close to the Mini on the left of the picture.

Below: Summerhill's AD35, a DAF SB220 with Alexander bodywork, is seen at the Portrane terminus of the 33B from Swords on 14 April 2004. The bus turns around just to the left of the pic.

Above: The bus turns in the middle of the pic where the road is widened at both sides to facilitate the bus to do so.

Below: AD35 is seen in the grounds of St.Ita's Hospital in Portrane where the bus also waits

Above: Harristown's AV108 at the Tyrrelstown terminus on Bishop's Orchard Boulevard of the 38C on 23 March 2005.

Below: Phibsboro's RV410, a Volvo Olympian with Alexander bodywork, pictured at "Toberburr" terminus of the 40B on 13 April 2004. It is in fact an estate called River Meade just south of Toberburr and about 2-3 miles north of St.Margaret's

Above: Phibsboro's RV548 at the Tyrrelstown terminus of the 40D on 23 March 2005

Below: Summerhill's RV377 at the Rolestown terminus of the 41B on 14 April 2004. The terminus is actually about 20 feet to the right, outside of the pic where a little turning point is located. The bus turned here however as it's just at a T-junction and the road is wide and easier to swing the bus here

Below: Donnybrook's WV10, a Volvo B6BLE with Wright's Crusader bodywork, at the Glencullen terminus of the 44B, a specially constructed turning point at the side of the road on the back road to Pine Forest from Johnnie Fox's Pub on 15 April 2004. The bus is facing towards Johnnie Fox's and Dundrum in preparation for the return journey. The area is known locally as Ballybrack though it is much quieter and more rural than the area of the same name near Killiney. Three Rock mountain is to the right of the picture.

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