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WV Class

In 1999 Dublin Bus took delivery of 20 Volvo B6BLE low-floor midibuses with Wright bodywork. They have Volvo D6A engines and ZF4HP500 fully automatic transmission

10 Are in City Imp livery for use on route 150 from Ringsend garge and the other 10 being in fleet livery for use on routes 103&104 from Clontarf garage.

WV 21-40 were delivered in 2000 with all of them operating on City Imp route 123 from Phibsboro garage. WV 41-52 were recently delivered (March/April 2001) to both Ringsend&Clontarf garages. W 1-52 have displaced many of the City Imp minibuses that were operating in the three garages.

Below: WV52 in College Street on 26 June 2003. Unusually it is operating route 49 to The Square in Tallaght. Ringsend's WV can mainly be seen on routes 150,201,202.