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D/DF Class

Above: D741 Loading up outside Dublin Bus HQ on Sunday 21 April 2002 (camera date is wrong).

Between 1966 and 1977 CIÉ built up a fleet of 840 Leyland Atlanteans with bodywork to their own bodywork (D1-602) known as the Standard D's or VanHool bodywork (D603-840). However all are now withdrawn.

The last of the class were withdrawn in 1996. For full details of the class and pictures of them when they were in service go to the Irish Buses of Yesteryear section.

Of the D1-602 group DF450 survives in service. On Wednesday 18 July 2001 D607 was withdrawn signalling the beginning of the end of the Van Hool Ds on sightseeing duties. Following that D616, D710, DF749 were withdrawn. Then on Thursday 25 April 2002 D679 was withdrawn and since then D665, D685, DF696, D741 and DF760 have been withdrawn. D635 which is a tree lopperis is also withdrawn and replaced by RH23. This brought to an end 29 years of Van Hool Atlantean operation on Dublin's streets

Below: D635 which was the tree lopper is seen in Broadstone on Sunday 21 April 2002.