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Dublin Bus Fleet

This section deals with the Dublin Bus Fleet. Dublin Bus operates a fleet of over 1200buses from the D/DF class of the 1960s/1970s to the AX class of 2006. The section is as follows:


D/DF class Leyland Atlantean PDR1/AN68s , RH class Leyland Olympians , RA class Volvo Olympians , RV class Volvo Olympians , AV class Volvo BT7Ls , DT class> Dennis Tridents , VT class> Vovlo B9TLs


AD class DAF SB220LT500s , VA class Volvo B10B-58s , VL class Volvo B10Ls & AW Class Volvo B7LAs


MA/MB/ME/ML/MV/MW Classes Various Mercedes/MCW/Optare minibuses & WV class Volvo B6BLEs

Special Buses:

MA7 Mobile Stores Bus , RH23 Tree Lopper , RH52 Uniform Bus

Below: Phibsboro's AV363, one of the 2004 batch, seen in Hawkins Street on Thursday 15 April 2004.