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Coldplay Shuttle Service

British band Coldplay played Marley Park on 22 June 2005. Dublin Bus laid on a shuttle service to the concert for concert goers. Below are some photos of buses involved in the shuttle service

Above: Donnybrook's RA178 loads up on Burgh Quay

Above: Phibsboro's RV615 waiting to depart on Burgh Quay

Below: Summerhill's ME27 was on hand in Hawkins St to sell tickets for the shuttle service

Above: Some concert goers buy tickets for the shuttle from ME27

Below: Donnybrook's RA195 on Burgh Quay

Above: Donnybrook's RA180 loads up on Burgh Quay

Below: Phibsboro's AV185 loads up on Burgh Quay. It was brought down specially for one wheelchair bound concert goer

Above: Donnybrook's RA193 loads up on Burgh Quay also

Below: Donnybrook's RA190 heads off for Marley Park with a full load

Below: Phibsboro's RH111 also lends a hand on the shuttle service on Burgh Quay

Above: Ringsend's RA207 waits in the queue to load up

Below: Donnybrook's RA188 waits to enter the bay where the shuttle was departing from on Burgh Quay