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Cork Visit July 2004

Saturday 17 July 2004 Buses In Ireland took a trip to Ireland's second largest city, Cork, to sample the buses down there and to have a journey on the only remaining Van Hool Atlantean in service with CIE, DF795. This article is split into 2 pages of 15 photos each. Each page may take some time to download depending on your connection speed.

Above: One of the first buses I came across was VWL110 on Deane Street, a Volvo B10BLE with Wright Crusader bodywork from 2000.

Below: Volvo Caetano coach VC43 loading up at Parnell Place Bus Station before heading to Bantry in West Cork

Above: Dennis Dart DPC26, one of the 2002 batch, at Parnell Place Bus Station on city route 2 to Knocknaheeney

Below: VWL107, another of the 2000 batch, on Merchants Quay. This bus is also the one which the EFE 1:76 scale model a few years ago was based on

Below: VWL128, one of the 2002 batch with revised Wright Eclispe bodywork, on Patrick St on city route 8 to Bishopstown

Above: Ex-Dublin Bus RH41 now traverses Cork's streets daily operating the Cork City Tour for it's new owners Cronin's on behalf of international tour group Guide Friday

Below: Dennis Dart DPC32 is seen on Grand Parade operating the Victoria Quay Park & Ride service

Below: VC136 operates city route 7Aon Grand Parade. This duty is a relief duty and any bus can turn up on it as is seen here

Above: Moving onto Capwell Garage we see VWL1, the first of it's class in the garage.

Below: Ex-Singapore Volvo B7, VS63 in Capwell Garage

Above: Scania Irizar bodied SR42 in Capwell Garage

Below: Mercedes Hispano bodied MH19 in Capwell Garage. Note the Vario badge on the bumper which is actually off a Dublin Bus MV class minibus

Below: GAC schoolbus KCS169 in Capwell Garage. It was the last of the KC class to enter service, being kept in storage until 1992 even though it was built in 1985

Above: DAF Plaxton PDS6 has been downgraded onto school duties. It caries the unique Cork school livery of red & white

Below: DAF SB120, DWR17 on Merchants Quay. Usually outbased in Mallow it often works relief duties on Expressway route 51 between Mallow and Cork

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