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VP Class

Above: VP108, an example with Plaxton Excalibur bodywork, parked in Broadstone on 15 February 2004.

Between 1996 & 2000 Bus Éireann took delivery of 161 Volvo Plaxton bodied B10M-62s. Many can be found on Express routes all over Ireland. Some can also be found operating service on behalf of Eurolines to Britain.

The majority of the class are leased and these start from VP1 upwards including a new batch currently being delivered and some early examples have been returned. However in 2000 Bus Éireann purchased about 50 more and these start at VP301 to stress the fact that they are owned.

Below: VP313, another example with Plaxton Excalibur bodywork, laying over in Malborough Street on 21 April 2003.

Above: VP340 parked in Broadstone on 5 December 2003. This bus is the only bus in the fleet with this Plaxton Paragon bodywork

Below: VP319 in Deane Street, Cork on 17 July 2004 in the new BÉ livery.