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VC Class

Above: VC33 parked in Waterford Garage on 7 June 2003.

Between 1994 & 1998 Bus Éireann took delivery of 147 Volvo Caetano bodied B10M-62s. Many can be found on Express routes all over Ireland. However some early deliveries are now being downgraded onto high-profile rural/stage carriage routes.

Bus Éireann has started taking delivery of 15 more of the type however these are leased and fleet numbers start at VC201 to stress this. These have Caetano Enigma bodies. These are due to be returned off lease imminently

In 2003 30 more were delivered and numbered VC301-330. Some are in CIÉ Tours livery for tours and others in Bus Éireann livery for Expressway services.

Below: VC215 parked in Broadstone on 16 April 2004 after recently having Eurolines branding applied.

Above: Newly delievered VC315 in CIÉ Tours livery parked in Broadstone on 7 July 2003. It had not received registration plates at the time the picture was taken

Below: VC329 parked in Broadstone on 4 August 2003 in Bus Éireann livery.

Below: VC313 in Parnell Place, Cork on 17 July 2004 in the new Bus Eireann livery