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SI/SC Class

Above: SI68 loading up in Dundalk's Long Walk Bus Station on 26 April 2003.

Between 1998 & 2001 Bus ╔ireann took delivery of 81 Scania Irizar City-Century bodied L94IBs. This is the SI class. They operate all on all Expressway services around Ireland.

The majority of the class are leased and most have been returned and only a few remain

In 2002 CI╔ Tours International took delivery of 27 Scania Caetano City-Century bodied L94IBs for tours duties. This is the SC class. In 2004 Bus Eireann / CIE Tours International took delivery of 30 more: SC28-57. SC43-45 were damaged in an accident on way from dealer to Bus Eireann and Bus Eireann refused to accept delivery but replacements have since been delivered. 15 more are on order: SC58-72 and delivery is imminent

Below: SC18, one of the original batch, outside Bus Aras on 25 April 2004.

Below: SC52, one of the 2004 batch, in Bus ┴ras on 3 May 2004.