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P Class

In 1993 Dublin Bus introduced 40 DAF SB220s with Plaxton Verde bodies for use on the first ever CitySwift route, route 39. They have DAF LT160G engines and ZF4HP500 fully automatic transmission with integral retarder.

However the drivers in Phibsboro Garage did not want double-deckers to be taken off the route 39, although many double-deckers operate on the route now, so they went on strike for 2 weeks which delayed the introduction of the buses and the CitySwift service.

Many of the P Class were repainted in the blue&cream fleet livery which suited them much better and some were even been painted in City Imp livery.

However from the summer of 2003 all were gradually withdrawn from service. P19 operated the last official run in September 2003.

All 40 were converted to school buses for further use with Bus Éireann and can been seen throughout the midlands mainly.

Incidentally these are the second P class buses to work as school buses for CIÉ. The first were the original P class Leyland Tigers from the 1950s, some of which were used on introduction of the school bus services back in 1968.

Below: P36 in Broadstone garage on 5 December 2003 shortly after conversion to a school bus.