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KR/KS Class

Between 1983 and 1987 CIÉ built up a fleet of 227 GAC R bodied rural single-deckers. They were built in the Bombardier/GAC/CIÉ factory in Shannon. However before building was complete GAC pulled out in 1985 and left CIÉ to finish off 20 or so more that were left. They were CIÉ's last new buses and Bus Éireann's first new buses. They were designed to have most things in common with the KD double-deckers and KC/KE single-deckers.

Many are now being withdrawn however some are finding a reprival as schoolbuses and reclassified the KS class.

Below: KS 90 seen in Sligo heading for Kiltyclogher on 4 August 2001.