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Above: CVH16 outside Longford on the main Dublin - Westport road on 16 May 2004.

In 1986 CIÉ took delivery of 35 Van Hool bodied Van Hool Acron T815Hs (CVH1-35) for use with CIÉ Tours International and 15 Van Hool bodied Van Hool Acron T815s (EVH1-15) for Expressway duties. As time progressed they were used on relief Expressway services but have now been downgraded onto Rural/Stage carriage services around the country and some are now being downgraded again onto schools duties as the CVS/EVS classes.

Below: EVH14 outside Longford Railway Station on 16 August 2003.

Below: EVS8 in Capwell Garage, Cork on 17 July 2004. It carries the Cork school liver of red & white.