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Monday In Cork, Part 1

All Photos: 25 February 2002

Being on my mid-term I decided to head down to Cork for the day to get some photos of Bus Éireann citybuses for the site. Having walked from Kent Railway Station as Cork Station is also known by, one of the first buses I came across was DA2, an Alexander bodied DAF similar to Dublin Bus' AD class, parked around the side of Parnell Place Bus Station on Deane Street sporting this very nice all over ad for Guinness.

Below: In front of DA2 was PD57 also parked on Deane Street a 1992 example of the Plaxton bodied DAF coaches.

Below: Next I saw DP5, one of the Plaxton bodied Dennis Darts bought by Bus Éireann in 1999, on Parnell Place. These buses were meant to have been withdrawn on the Friday of that week but I do not know whether they have or not.

After that I headed for Capwell Garage Bus Éireann Cork depot. The first bus I saw was DA1 parked just outside the offices.

Below: This next is one I did not expect to see. E106 a Leyland Leopard from the 1960s in Bus Éireann livery and a large L sign on the front. This bus is in fact withdrawn and parked there.

Below: Just down from E106 was one of the if not the only surviving Cork KDs. KD184 from 1982 example of a Bombardier double decker. It is in a bad state and someone just had yo park their car in my way. This was the best shot I got of it.

Below: Next up is a recently delivered Volvo B7L for use on commuter services from Cork, VWL132. It has yet to gain reg plates. These are quite nice buses. The front is similar to that of Dublin Bus' AW class of "bendi-buses".

For more photos, including some evening departure from Parnell Place Station go to next page by clicking here.