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Bus Éireann Fleet

This section deals with the Bus Éireann Fleet. Bus Éireann operates a varied fleet of buses from the D/DF class of 1970s to SC class of 2001. The section is as follows:

Click the link to see an article on a typical Monday in Cork. Monday In Cork


D/DF class Leyland Atlantean PDR1/AN68s , DD class Volvo B7TL East Lancs Vyking


CVH/EVH class Van Hool Acron T815Hs , TE class Leyland Tiger TRCL10/3ARZAs , PD class DAF MB230LT615s , PL class Leyland Tiger TR2R62C21Z5/8s , DVH class Van Hool Alizee MB230LT615s , VC class Volvo B10M-62s , VP class Volvo B10M-62s , SI/SC class Scania Irizar L94IBs , MH class Mercedes O404s , VR class Volvo B7Rs, SR class Scania Irizars, VG class Volvo B12Bs, SP class Scania Irizar PB


KR class GAC Rs , DA class DAF SB220s , VNC class Volvo B10Bs , VW class Volvo B10Bs-58s , DP class Dennis Darts SLFs , DPC class Dennis Darts SLFs , VWL class Volvo B10BLEs , VWM class Volvo B6BLEs, DWM/DWR class DAF SB120s , MC class Mercedes O530s .


ME/ML class Mercedes 811Ds

School Buses:

SS class Beford/Van Hool VAS5s/SB5s , VS class Volvo B57s , TES class Leyland Tigers TRCL10/3ARZAs , PDS class DAF MB230LT615s , KCS class GAC Cs , KS class GAC Rs , LS class Leyland Lynxes ,P class DAF SB220s ,FS class FIAT Ducati , OP class Optare Excels

Knock Airport Shuttle Bus LS145

Click the link to see what happens when fire and a Bus Éireann coach are put together. VP72

Below: SC47 parked up in Broadstone on 16 April 2004. IT's part of the 2004 batch of SC class Scania's. It carries a revised version of the Bus Éireann livery