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AW Feature

With the opening of Harristown Garage a few months back all 20 of the AW bendi-bus class have been transferred off cross-city route 10 and onto peak time extras and Xpresso services. Belows are some shots of the AWs in the evening peak on 25 April 2005


Above: AW6 in Dawson St heads for Ongar on Xpresso route 39X

Below: AW11 crosses from Fleet St into Townsend St before operating out to Ongar on route 39

Below: AW17 in Dawson St heads for Carpenterstown on Xpresso route 37X

Below: AW19 in Dawson St heads for Baldoyle on route 129

Below: AW20 on Aston Quay heads for Lucan on Xpresso route 25X