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No unfortunately not a 13 picture photo article but rather a look at the 13 group of routes: 13, 13A, 13B. The 13 bus route originally ran from Wadelai Park in Glasnevin (current 11 group terminus) to Dunville Avenue in Ranelagh. Following the withdrawl of route 12, which ran from Cabra across the city to Palmerston Park near Dartry, in the late 1980s, the 13 was extended on the southside to Palmerston Park. The 13A was addition during the 1980s, the difference being its routing on the Northside of Dublin went via Griffith Avenue rather than Whitworth Road as the 13 did. I'm not entirely sure if it ran all the way to Ranelagh but I remember getting a Van Hool D on it back around 1994 and it only went as far as Kildare Street in the city centre from Poppintree. Both the 13 and 13A were operated by Donnybrook garage. in the early 1990s the 13/13A were extended to run to Poppintree in Ballymun and the 11s extended from Griffith Avenue to Wadelai as a replacement. Around 1996/97 the 36/36A were withdrawn and to cover this the 13/13A serivce was improved and upgraded to Cityswift standard. The section from the City to Palmerston Park was cut and was now served by new route 13B from Summerhill Garage. After a short while the 13/13A also moved to Summerhill and again a short while later the 13B moved to Donnybrook which made more sense logistically. However the 13B is not very patronised and with the advent of the LUAS the 13B's future hangs in the balance as it parallels the new serivce. Buses In Ireland took a trip on the 13B on the 31 August 2004 and here also are some views of the other 13 routes. NOTE: Some of my dates or info may not be totally correct and I am open to correction on any of the above

Above: Summerhill's RV504 is seen operation on route 13 on D'Olier St. It had just worked a short to D'Olier St from Poppintree even though the terminus at Merrion Square is only 3 mins up the road

Below: Summerhill's RV512 operates route 13A from Poppintree to Merrion Square on D'Olier St

Above: Donnybrook's RH143 operates an evening departure on route 13B to Palmerston Park

Above: RA182, also Donnybrook, is the bus I travelled on and is seen at the terminus in D'Olier St

Below: RA182 is seen at the terminus in Palmerston Park. Apologies for the poor lighting but an evening sun shining and large trees creating a shade didnt help much